Interracial Families

How we Handle Racism, Cultural Diversity, Financial Independence and our Pasts

In our family we have 5 cultures but we are also spread between countries ranging from least developed to developed/affluent. Being an interracial step family, we get a lot of stares, comments and different treatment. We also have different expectations around culture, finances, traditions, family, everything.

As a result, we have to be extremely open with our communication with each other and others. It also means we need to be open-minded, understanding and approach everything with love.

I’ve done a few interviews recently covering my past of going from homeless single mother because of domestic violence to CEO. Child custody, blending our family, the travel between the countries, cultural differences and racism we have faced.

Below are two of the videos. We touch on everything, how I turned my obstacles into opportunities. The differences in how our relationship was treated in Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands vs Australia. My daughters standing up to racism and getting things changed at their schools. Learning and accepting cultural differences such as bride price.

I have permission from the members of my family to discuss what I do in these videos. My partner is not comfortable on video but does want to share this message and help others understand more.

Thank you so much to Belinda of Covid19 Consulting, Dive Munda and Solomon Islands Discovery Cruises for sharing these conversations.

Video Kylie Travers and Belinda Botha Discussing

Some Examples of Curiosity and Racism Towards our Family

We get a lot of questions, stares and comments. Some we find amusing, some are highly offensive. Lately, it has been more difficult for my daughters. Comments about their hair not being normal or bigger than their head, people wanting to touch it, comments on the fact their arm hair is dark vs blonde which is more common here etc.

When we go out as a family, people rush to see our baby and ask questions. This we don’t mind. Being followed by police, questioned as if Justin is going to hurt me and similar we do mind!

Here are a few examples:


We are extremely open and happy to answer any questions. Please, be open-minded, genuine, curious etc. Provided you are asking with good intentions, we welcome questions and are happy to help others understand.

We will not tolerate racism or negativity towards us or others.

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