Justin and Kylie

  • Justin and Kylie,  Solomon Islands

    Solomon Islands Discovery Cruises (Where We Met)

    Solomon Islands Discovery Cruises: Give Your Family a Taste of the Solomons At the end of 2018, I went on the most amazing trip of my life to a place everyone questioned both before I left and since I’ve been home, the Solomon Islands. This is one trip I think everyone should take. Imagine pristine islands, amazing culture, wonderful experiences and a tropical paradise which hasn’t been commercialised or overrun with tourists. It’s unique, friendly, happy, full of adventure and relaxing all at the same time. In 2018, I took a massive step back from everything I do and took the time to re-evaluate all aspects of my life. Interestingly…

  • Justin and Kylie

    How We Met – Justin Saula and Kylie Travers

    How did a Man from Vanuatu, Living in the Solomon Islands and a Single Mum from Australia meet? Kylie Travers is the one writing this and I can honestly say, I had sworn off men completely, then I met Justin. You can ask my family, they were all in shock. We met in 2018 when I had a last-minute trip to the Solomon Islands as a travel writer. Originally, I was going to head over in 2019 then a spot came up with this specific trip and I said yes, despite not knowing how I could make it work. I was a single mother with two daughters, in the middle…