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Balancing Heart Vineyard (Winery), Stanthorpe QLD – Review

Balancing Heart Vineyard Review: a gorgeous, family-friendly winery in Stanthorpe, Queensland

Recently, we had a few days visiting friends in Stanthorpe. One of the things I enjoy doing is seeing wineries in areas we visit and Stanthorpe has plenty. Balancing Heart Vineyard was one of the ones we visited and thoroughly enjoyed. Named after a rock formation that looks like a heart balancing on a rock.

When we arrived, it was clear this family-friendly winery would be enjoyed by all of us. Justin and I went inside for a tasting while Halia and Mele explored the vineyards and rock formations.

Balancing Heart Vineyard Range of Wines

As you can see, there is a beautiful selection of wines to choose from. We sampled them all and there is something for everyone, all reasonably priced.

Image of Balancing Heart Vineyard wine collection on the wall with names and prices. Photo by Kylie Travers of Blended Nomads.

We are not wine connoisseurs but we know what we each like and most of the time, it is extremely difficult to find a wine we both enjoy. Justin prefers dry and not too sweet whereas I love sweet everything.

At Balancing Heart, each wine we tasted was unique and delicious but amazingly, both the Camp Fire Red and Camp Fire White were wines we both enjoyed. They are a blended wine, not too sweet and not too dry.

A Tasting at Balancing Heart Vineyard

The tasting itself was free and of course, we intended to buy a bottle. The customer service was fantastic. Friendly, professional, efficient, knowledgeable, and able to accommodate everyone easily.

We sat at the bar area while holding our son and learned everything about the various wines as we tasted them. We were given ample time in between to discuss our thoughts with each other and enjoy the taste before moving onto the next one which I enjoyed. I’ve felt they rushed through it at some wineries and wanted you in and out as quick as possible. Balancing Heart Vineyard had a more relaxed vibe.

There was a great menu available with numerous options for those who are gluten-free such as me. We had other meal plans though so didn’t try anything, however, what we saw coming out of the kitchen looked delicious. Comments from others visiting Balancing Heart Vineyard confirmed, the food was worth it and paired with their wines perfectly.

What our Kids Thought of Balancing Heart Vineyard

Obviously, they aren’t sampling wines. We have been to a few vineyards though and this was one they enjoyed. Being able to explore the grounds, play outside, and not be stuck next to us is ideal. At 12 and 13, they are old enough to do their own thing.

Saving a dragonfly was a highlight for them though.

Both girls love living creatures of all kinds. This dragonfly was in the water, barely moving, struggling to flap its wings. They scooped it out, helped it dry off. It clung to my daughters’ jacket for a while but by the time we left, it was able to fly.

Overall, it was a lovely stop for our little family and somewhere we would be more than happy to visit again.

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