About Us

Why Blended Nomads?

Our little family consists of a being a step famil, a blend of nationalities, neurodiversity including autism, various extra travellers from relatives to friends and our travels range from budget to luxury. Overall, every part of our life is blended and we love it that way!

My partner and I are the main ones who will be writing on here but we will all be in video, the podcast, photos etc. Justin is Ni-Vanuatu (native to Vanuatu) and he grew up there. I (Kylie) grew up in Tasmania and between us, we have 4 children. Halia (age 13) and Mele (age 12) are from my first marriage. They are part Tongan, part Maori and half Caucasian Australian. Jemeliy (age 7) is from Justin’s first marriage, she is half Ni-Vanuatu and half Solomon Islander and lives in the Solomon Islands. Elijah is our newborn, half Ni-Vanuatu and half Caucasian Australian.

That’s 5 cultures in our little family! We are split mostly between Australia, Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands but currently live in Noosa, Australia.

Here we share our travels, experiences and touch on blending a family.

Who Are We?

Justin Saula, Halia Travers, Mele Ofiu and Kylie Travers doing the Vanuatu Jungle Zipline in 2020.

Travel has been an important part of my life always. I’m ecstatic that my kids love it and I met someone (Justin) who accepts my spontaneous ways. We are always trying something new, having new experiences, travelling when we can and we met because of travel back in 2018. Justin has worked in sailing and diving for years before we met, loves travel too and we have similar interests so it works well.

I’m a travel writer, finance writer, owner of The Thrifty Issue, public speaker and charity advocate. You can find out more about me at www.kylietravers.com.au where I have won a bunch of awards and did a lot around homelessness, domestic violence and building your dream life. Most recently, I opened up about body image issues and Justin is helping me overcome that.

Justin is a qualified tech diver and was part of the expedition to find Amelia Earhart’s plane. He loves diving, sailing, photography and travel.

Halia is the eldest. She is an incredible artist/illustrator, is passionate about engineering, space and wants to do work with NASA one day. She has ASD Level 1, so can be extremely focused on her interests and excels in school. Mele is another incredible artist, fair relaxed and will go along with what we want but is much more laid back. Jemeliy loves school, swimming and most recently, rugby. Elijah is a newborn so it will be interesting to see his interests.

We crave adventure and it doesn’t have to be expensive. We love diving, hiking, anything to do with the water, I especially love kayaking. In 2020, we repatriated from the Solomon Islands to base ourselves in Noosa, Australia. Due to a complicated pregnancy, our lives were on hold but now he’s born and we are back to doing what we love.

If you have any questions, comments or want to work with us, contact us here.

Halia relaxing in the hammock she set up herself at Kurth Kiln camping ground.